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Go from procrastination to action in four tiny steps

Get set, ready, get things done! If there is a to-do-free solution to mastering your day, I’ll find it, but I suspect there isn’t, which leaves us with the trusty daily to-do list as an essential tool to mastering our days.

However, to-do lists are not created equal in terms of helping us get things done, and most importantly getting the right things done. Some are so boring you want to cry just looking at them, so last year, for the holidays, I gave you a wealth of different formats for your task list, so you can find one that inspires you to make your to-do list and to use it too. But format is just one of the steps to make your to-do list productive for you.

HOW you write it and WHAT you write (format-wise) is just as important for success, Read the rest of this entry »

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